Methadone and Suboxone

There use to be a saying in recovery: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. the current treatment plan for opiate abuse which is 30 years old is the poster child of that definition, So now this is what that standard of treatment has done economically to the insurance industry. 25 years ago when private insurance started to pay for rehab it was for two reasons, States could no longer support the number of people coming in for mostly cocaine and crack addiction not heroin, and the number of working class people that were now coming in was growing. A law was passed that if you told your employer you needed help, he had an obligation to hold your job until you returned from treatment. That’s how the private rehabs adopted the 30-60 day treatment, Back then most people had insurance coverage through there employer maybe two or three out of every hundred would go through rehab every year. The average cost, 25 years ago for 30 days of treatment was about 15-20 thousand dollars. At that time the failure rate for heroin addiction was about 50%. That all changed when oxy’s, then heroin hit the suburbs and its been the ultimate trickle down disaster for the insurance industry since. When this epidemic blew through this country most of the people it affected had very good insurance, some double coverage, most with a family plan. All through there employer. This became a catastrophe for business, Now that same 2-3 out of a hundred turned into 20-30, On top of having to cover the children, who were under the policy, and most of them were and still taking multiple trips. That’s probably the reason why employers can no longer afford to cover there employees or families. This isn’t five or ten years, this has been going on for twenty and its going on now. On the other end the rehabs exploded as I had said in a past post, The failure rate jumped to 80% and that’s where it has been since this epidemic started. The current average cost of a thirty day stay now is 60 thousand dollars. Some will go through this 5-10 times before their insurance runs out, This year the insurance industry will spend 70 BILLION dollars on a treatment plan with an 80% failure rate. It’s your money and that’s why your premiums like everybody else’s are going through the roof. Now on the other end of this is the heroin industry and the rehab industry both are booming, Rehabs are setting up more and more facility’s in sunny spots everyday and the heroin industry cant keep up with the demand so they’re stretching there product with a multiple array of deadly chemicals, leading to bad heroin in the street. I’m going to state this now, this is going to get much worse very soon for a good reason, which i will explain further when I get to what is coming in the future, Everything I have posted on this page so far is because of one simple formula no one has looked back on. in my next post i’m going to show you just how your insurance money is being spent. stay tuned!

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