Insurance Fraud Continued

PART 1. Now i’m going to take you through a typical 30-60 day rehab trip this time from the rehab stand point, there are a lot of rehabs out that are trying to do good work and this is not a reflection on them. I’m talking about the ones you see on late night TV some guy dressed up like a doctor telling you you can’t do it alone, there not trying to help you, there trying to help themselves to that GOLDEN insurance card. When Oxy’s then heroin rolled into every suburb in the country the rehab industry exploded and when that happened they went from rehab facilities to rehab corporation’s. you may have 5-10 satellite rehabs all under one licensing group and there are thousands of these type of set ups mostly in nice sunny places. anyone can do this go online and punch in rehab you will see places that look like resort vacation spots ALL of this just to attract your insurance dollar. this is and has been for the last 15 years a finely tuned well oiled insurance milking machine, some would say an on going criminal enterprise, but that isn’t for me to say i’m just going to show you how it work’s. REMEMBER this is your money your through the roof premium’s on everything you insure… Jon smith is 19 he’s addicted to heroin and he needs treatment so he calls one of these rehabs. there are three main questions they are going to ask him, do you have private insurance ? do you have money to get here and can you be high when you get here. I never understood the last one myself, once those are answered the billing process starts the average cost for Jon smith’s 30 days of treatment will exceed 60,000 dollars and he will start a cycle that may take him through this treatment up to ten times over a 5-6 year period, until the ins. money is gone. this isn’t just one addict or one rehab this is the majority. 70 billion will be spent this year on heroin addiction most of it on an industry with an 80% failure rate for the last 20 years, 80% this could be the reason why your job cant afford to insure you anymore, this is a multi-billion dollar a year shakedown. part two of this post is going to break each piece of this machine down so you will understand exactly how it works. i spent half of my life surrounded by rats and snakes and all i can say is it takes one to point another one out.

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