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Methadone and Suboxone, over the last 30 years these are the two things we have come up with to treat heroin addiction. Ones bad the other is 10 times worse neither one is being used for its intended purpose. methadone was designed to get the addict hooked on methadone which it does then wean the addict off within a certain time frame there are people who have been on this program for 25 years, going everyday to get as little as 10 milligrams, all because they were never properly weaned off of it. if you ask anyone that is on this program even after years of not using what they would do if they couldn’t get there methadone you would get two answers, one is ” i don’t know” and the other is ” i have to get dope”. Now that they are putting blockers in methadone the addict no longer has the second option which leaves them in a dangerous spot. methadone withdrawal is much worse than a heroin withdrawal and it was never intended for long term use. methadone was the lesser of the problem now its the same as Suboxone and any other blocker. Now Suboxone is probably the worst thing that could’ve happened to this disease because its a blocker nothing gets in but nothing gets out either. the natural physical withdrawal stops as well, it just stays dormant until the Suboxone is removed. i know this is gonna get negative feed back and i’m not saying it hasn’t worked for some, but its also not being used the way it was intended and it has gotten so interwoven into this epidemic that its being abused and even injected. what we have done is gotten people hooked on something that could actually kill them if they don’t have it. with heroin withdrawal you feel like your dying and you want to but as i said you probably wont but with Suboxone there is likelihood you might . if 1,000 people woke up this morning and didn’t have there Suboxone within 12-24 hours 300 of them would die within 72 hrs that number would go past 500 that’s how dangerous Suboxone is and i think there are close to 20 million people on Suboxone in this country right now. these people would die from two different things acute heroin / Suboxone withdrawal or a heroin overdose. if you were on Suboxone and couldn’t get it this is what happens within two hours your body starts to withdrawal at an accelerated rate or hyper- detox. the natural 60-90 day physical detox is now trying to happen in 72 hrs. think of it like hypothermia only instead of pulling at the extremities for blood to save the organs, the brain starts pulling from its resources to try to stop the withdrawal process and regulate the body there is actual video footage of this i just don’t know how to put it here but David Muir did a special last year on 20/20 featuring a girl who was desperately trying to get money for Suboxone and as the special goes on she is rapidly getting worse if she hadn’t gotten that Suboxone her body would start shutting down just like hypothermia and within 12 -24 hours she would be on life support. if she makes it past 24 hrs she will be so desperate she will go out and get heroin and one bag will kill her because of the state she is in physically. i hope she made it through okay, and one other thing on that video there is a part where she opens her medicine cabinet looking for something and over her shoulder you can see 50 – 60 different med’s and my first thought is i wonder how many trips to rehab it took to collect all of them and she wasn’t using any of them. this is the reason why Suboxone is so bad and if you try to wean your self off of Suboxone or methadone the clinic strongly advises against it for one reason, money.

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