How We Became Addicted

Becoming addicted, experts label it a brain disorder. Addicts say its a disease. Either one doesn’t matter to me, I am just going to explain what it does, and I’m going to base this on 10 years as an addict and 20 years researching why. I’ve detoxed off heroin on multiple occasions without medication. I’ve watched hundreds do the same. The last time for me was in 1997. All I can say is sometimes a knowledge and understanding of something, out ways education and expertise, and with this disease that couldn’t be more true. 95% of every addict out there from 16-60 all became addicted in one way, equating something in a pill form to altering the chemical reactions in the brain. In most cases this happened in adolescence other cases as teenagers. This is a subconscious psychological hook that gets set deep and probably is the most critical when it comes to treating heroin addiction. Some of the major medications that set this hook over the last 25 years are Ritalin, Risperdal, Adderall, Xanax, Paxil, Valium Welbutrin, Seroquel, Ativan and numerous others. Most of theses are prescribed in adolescence. The brain at that time is already going thru its biggest changes in life, so your mixing mood altering medications in a brain that’s already experiencing huge chemical changes naturally, so the teenager is now trying to regulate these changes by experimenting with other drugs, alcohol amphetamines, benzo’s, etc. which eventually leads to heroin, Once there’s heroin, there’s nothing else,,, period. There’s everything before heroin and nothing after heroin. You become addicted in three steps. brain, body and blood. When you first start using, the opiates go right to the brain. More importantly the central nervous system. As far as i know that is pretty much everything and it starts to control all aspects of your body. Since opiates occur naturally in our body, its easy for it to move throughout the body, attaching to nerve endings, even getting into the major organs. When this happens the body and the brain become opiated, when that happens the brain does an immediate about face. Within 24 hrs, its a hairpin turn. The addict goes from I want to get high…. I want to get high…. I can’t be sick….I can’t be sick…., just that fast, At this point the addicted brain becomes Temporarily Chemically Incompetent. The addict is now using anywhere from 15-30 bags of heroin a day just to be normal. There’s no more getting high, there’s only not being sick. Everything else in their life becomes secondary. The brains sole purpose is to keep enough in the bloodstream everyday to maintain this incompetence. In order to get clean and clear of opiate addiction, you have to reverse this process. Starting with the bloodstream, then the body, then the brain. In order to pull it out of the brain, you have to get the brain to a natural chemical base line. The current treatment plan prevents that from happening, and the biggest psychological hook of equating a pill to some kind of altered chemical reaction in the brain is not even being addressed. As a matter of fact it’s being exploited by the current treatment. I’m going to take through the treatment process currently being used in just about every rehab in the United States.

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