History and Origin Continued

What I’d like to do now is explain this epidemic, what you think is happening and what is actually going on. As i said in prior posts you have three age groups the first group ages 45-60 most of them have already gone through the rehab cycle some up to 10 times. there private insurance either stopped paying or dropped there coverage, they’ve now moved on to either pain management, methadone, or still addicted. the second group 25-40 they are ones that are currently flooding state insured facilities now in all 50 states. Everyday hundreds are losing there coverage in this age group for the same reason, there cycling through the private rehabs until they lose there coverage then they go back home and get on state insurance this cycling process has been going steady for 20 yrs and it takes about 5 years for one addict to cycle through. the last age group 16- 20 , there just beginning this cycle. Most privately insured rehabs are in nice warm sunny states so when the insurance runs out they return to there home state places like Iowa, Rhode island, Nebraska, ct. the states that had more private insurance per capita are the ones probably seeing the biggest increases in the state enrollments.over the last 10 years.there are new people getting addicted everyday they will also fall into this cycle, all of this is because of the this 30 day drive thru treatment that’s almost 40 years old and its wrong its always been wrong and no ones looked back. so that’s how this epidemic is working now that I’ve explained that and hopefully in a way everyone can understand. in my next post I will explain the economical aspects of this epidemic.

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In the beginning after my sons death I had an interview with Sarah Grace and 21 news. This was put in my lap when RAH asked me to be apart it was only 3 weeks after my sons death, https://www.facebook

History and Origin Continued

When opiate addiction hit the suburbs and small mid western towns, it rolled through like a freight train, hitting the addict and dragging them and everyone who loved them down the tracks with it. The


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