Gateways,Triggers and First Love

GATEWAYS, FIRST LOVE, TRIGGERS…what i would like to do is put some of these into perspective and maybe update somethings. Lets start with gateways for just about every addict out there living or dead there’s only one gateway,( equating something in a pill form to changing the chemical reaction in there brain.) this usually happens at a young age, some of the medications that create this are Xanax, Adderall, Ritalin, Ativan, Klonopin, Sereuqil, and probably 30 others. this is a psychological hook that gets set deep. To try to better understand what i mean lets say you take a vitamin c everyday something you have done for ten years. Then you go away and forget to pack them, as soon as you realize it the fear of getting sick because you cant take them sets in, and if you do get sick you immediately blame it on not having your vitamin i hope explained that clearly. When it comes to mood altering pharmaceutical’s this hook is 10x greater because its not a vitamin this gateway is what leads that person to there first love. A FIRST LOVE is that one thing that most people start to abuse right before they find opiates, and its usually the thing they go back to right before relapse. for me it was alcohol i was an alcoholic by 13 and i stayed that way until i found heroin at 19. i couldn’t do both my body wouldn’t let me, so the only time i wasn’t an alcoholic is when i had a heroin habit but as soon as i would detox i would go right back to the bottle, and then back to the needle. I realized if i never drank again i most likely wont use heroin again and i don’t. this is a list of what i consider first loves, ALL of the pills above but mostly Xanax and Adderall along with alcohol, cocaine, only the addict knows what that first love is. all of these are being used to treat underlying conditions during detox, that is one of the reasons why the addict will relapse within 60-90 days. TRIGGERS. These are the things that will trigger a relapse, overconfidence, that 30 day i feel great i’m never gonna use again overconfidence will kill your recovery within 60 days, you feel great psychically but then the psychological detox starts and at this point these triggers start to happen, RELATIONSHIP’S. getting into a relationship with another addicted person is the worst thing an addict could do at this point for one reason, just like fingerprints no two addicts are at the same point in there recovery one will pull the other one down one will give up there recovery for the other. money is a big trigger, person gets out of recovery gets a job and the first thing they do is celebrate by using, feeling they earned it and it’s only this once. social media, this one explains itself. TIME, the reason i say this is usually when an addict goes to rehab two or three times the loved ones are tired of hearing the same old story, if your an addict the first 60 days seem like a year every day seems like a week so when your loved one comes home, they feel like its been forever but to the family its only been 2 months, this person doesn’t understand why the family still remains distant and that will cause the person to say why bother trying. The excuses to use are everywhere, my friend died, my family hates me, i don’t have a job, my shoelace broke, it’s Tuesday, that’s the opiates trying to rationalize using any way possible.

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