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I would like to finish the report on facts and myth’s with a myth that has been created by the rehab industry over the last 30 years. THE QUICK FIX. There isn’t any period. there is no magic pill, the 5 and 7 day detoxes are as worthless as the 30 day inpatients are for this disease, i see it all the time people are trying to self detox and are wondering why after 10-15 days they still aren’t feeling any better. I see people posting pictures with thirty days clean, then theydrop right out of sight, there is a reason for that 30- 40 days is when the physical starts to decline and the psychological starts to ramp up and just about the same time they are leaving a rehab within a month they fall on there face. There is a common thread in every sucessful opiate recovery TIME. people will say it was there faith, or there children, or like me going to prison. Which is all true but what happen’s first is clarity, almost like a big bang your brain becomes chemically clear and the first thing you do is gravitate to the thing you believe got you there. I don’t care what is was it all comes down to getting your brain back to a chemical baseline with the least amount of chemical interference as possible and that takes 6-8 mos before things really start to clear. there has been an awful lot of wasted money on the wrong resources all because of not treating to a proper time line. There are some grey areas i just can’t get very many stats on as far as health issues, muareen markle strom one of the people who have followed this page made a very good point early on, it’s very hard to keep accurate records because most active addicts only go to the doctor for one reason and there is so much transience in this epidemic. I believe a lot of addicts that became addicted when the biggest chemical changes were happening within there brain’s and there bodies are at the biggest health risk. 12-18 years of age and now are probably 25-30. There’s is something of a spoiled addict syndrome going on and i think its because of two reasons, one is just not knowing and expecting everyone else to understand, but i think what happens is the maturity level gets stunted or restricted due to the addiction it becomes secondary along with everything else that is suppose to be happening naturally. I believe and this is as far into medical terms as i am going to go, I believe this disease gets right into the synaptic chemical process and is building messages and getting as far back as the message boosters. I also think there are serious internal issues kidney,liver, heart problems in this age group, and all i can say is i think there are some serious women issues happening as well. that is a pretty sad way to end this post but i feel its time to discuss what a plan of action might look like.

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