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What I would like to do now is continue with facts, myths and grey areas. There seems to be a big misunderstanding about substance abuse treatment, and opiate abuse treatment, the problem is we are treating both the same way during the detoxification process. The current treatment is OK for all the other abused substances, but just about opposite of what it should be for opiate abuse. opiate addiction is a completely separate disease and needs a separate treatment plan. I don’t care what your drug of choice is, once you become addicted to heroin your only drug of choice IS HEROIN PERIOD, everything becomes secondary. Here is a way to proof that, Lets say you are sitting in front of a table filled with every abused substance you can think of except opiates, and you get to choose any one of them to use or abuse, say alcohol is the one you choose and you become an alcoholic, or you choose Xanax and you become addicted to Benzo’s. Now you find heroin and you become addicted and your entire life is focused on not being sick, now in front of you on the table is that bottle of booze and heroin which one do you choose? booze or not being sick, Benzo or feeling normal, there is NO CHOICE your going to choose opiates. SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING..This is something I have a big problem with, so many people are getting degrees in substance abuse counseling, and don’t have a clue as to counsel to a heroin addiction,but will consider themselves an expert after taking a summer course and getting a degree. I had a counselor try to tell me what I needed to do to stay of dope back in 96, and I asked her if she was ever addicted to heroin she said no, what does that have to do with anything? I told her back then and ill say it again, if you never shot dope with filthy puddle water or ate out of a dumpster, or held your entire life at the end of a needle then you don’t have a clue as to what it’s going to take to get me clean. if you never had an opiate addiction then you should stick to counseling to all the other abused substances. there needs to be opiate abuse counseling, strictly to counsel opiate addicts and to counsel to the proper detox timeline. Twenty days into detox and the addict is suppose to be making there own recovery plan, they cant even make there bed. they are taking advice from some one who hasn’t made it to clarity themselves an addict with 30 days clean is listening to some who only has 32 days clean and a counselor who is using substance abuse guidelines that aren’t going to work because they are not the same disorder and just like the treatment they are ancient and flawed, I am not being disrespectful of anyone’s degrees or the work they put in. I’M saying this solely for everyone to get an understanding that there are two distinct issues, substance abuse, and the counseling for that, and opiate abuse and no counseling specifically for that disorder and its detox timeline.

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