Facts and Myths Continued

PART 2…This is the landscape I see today when it comes to society and this addiction. I see experts arguing on whether its a disease or a disorder, I believe it’s what I said it is, ( A TEMPORARY CHEMICAL INCOMPETENCE ) that effects the central nervous system due to opiate addiction. What makes it chronic is not getting the proper treatment in the first place. I think at this point the argument is mute. I see people arguing whether its a choice, its NOT a choice. no one chooses to get addicted and people get addicted to things everyday, i.e:smoking, eating, exercise, its not about whether they choose to get addicted its about them choosing to get clean, and the 14 yr old that just o.d. didn’t have a choice or a chance. When your an addicted adult you have to WANT to get clean, when your a child you NEED to get to get clean, but whether you want it, or you need it , when that person shows up at a detox / rehab, they deserve the PROPER TREATMENT and they aren’t getting it . This standard and protocol is failing at a rate of about 80% and that means all the money, that 60,000 dollars spent on one person in 30 days is also being wasted, IT’S YOUR MONEY. I see forums that are an absolute chaotic mess, the panels are full well educated people not one with a personal understanding there leading the room with there p.h.d.s instead of there knowledge and experience I see lawmakers like deer in the headlights trying to figure something out that up until 5 years ago they had no understanding of they’ve had to take the same crash course in this addiction as everyone else. I see expert’s crawling out of the woodwork wanting to be the next big thing, I see millions of dollars being spent on studies and reports all to benefit whoever is paying for the study. This probably bothers me the most, I see addicts and there family’s being exploited, late night rehab commercials that are a slap in the face to any family that knows what this is, its gotten to a point where now they are making fun of each others commercials, its a joke and the medical profession should be ashamed of themselves, I see doctors that have thrown there oath right out the window for the sake of the all mighty dollar, and for the favor big pharma. I see people hawking books, selling heroin apparel, DVD’s rehabs exploiting there addicts to bring in more addicts, sober coaches, the last one i don’t have much of a problem with as long as its being done for the right reason. I see people selling there story instead of telling there story. I see a government, that took Oxys, Percocets, and Vicodins, out of society and replaced it with heroin addicts and Suboxone, i see those same people telling others what they need to do but cant get past there own addiction. I see an industry that has been up and down three generations of American’s and they now have there hooks in the babies, this same industry has given us Oxys Xanax and Percocets has also given us methadone and Suboxone, and just about every addict out there. Now in a last ditch effort they are throwing Tramadol and Ketamine at this addiction hoping to get people hooked on that as well, this industry has spent billions trying to stop medicinal cannabis from taking hold, now they are trying to get FDA approval for a synthetic version, don’t believe the hype the only reason why is because they are losing 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people everyday to this type of therapy. they know they can no longer stop this therapy from becoming reality in this country. and the last thing I see is a rehab industry in a giant gluttonous money grab because they know the money train is coming to a halt, these are corporations that have very smart people working for them and they are already trying to pass legislation that will prevent them from being sued. So with all that happening I really feel arguing and talking and forums and studies and everything else is pretty wasteful, talking’s over i think the (expert’s need to consult the real expert’s) and put down there papers and books and the holier than thou attitude, and do what every addict in recovery is taught, do the work and be humble its time to do the work not write the next book. there is a way to get started and I’m willing to offer it up over the next few weeks.

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