Facts and Myths Continued

I think before i get into what a possible solution may be id like to address where we are at this point, why, and who may be at fault and who is not, and maybe settle some arguments. Ronald Reagan ? we can’t blame him when he signed the substance abuse act heroin was a none issue compared to alcohol cocaine and speed, so it was put into the same category as the rest and given the same treatment plan, that created the 80% failure rate we have now within the rehab system. This standard of treatment is just as incompetent, just as sick, and just as dead as the person its trying to help and no one, not one expert ever looked back, even the newest report from the surgeon general doesn’t address this. I believe we need to separate the way we treat opiate addiction from EVERYTHING else, it needs to be put in its own separate category and have a completely different standard and protocol,one that looks nothing like the current/ancient one. This is the catalyst that is fueling this epidemic. Our government can’t be blamed either, i need to say that because in there effort to do what they thought was right, they have made two big mistake’s one created this epidemic through backlash, and the other is just getting started and its building speed, the newest stats say 500,000 death’s in the next decade, i’m saying that’s going to happen within 7 years for one reason they didn’t take into account all the people that are going to become addicted from no longer having Percocet or Vicodin, or just being 60 and dying because your body can’t handle the Percocet withdrawal. Over the last 20 years we took the three most abused painkilling medications out of society, taking Oxy’s out gave us the epidemic we have now, overall Oxy’s didn’t last long in society compared to Percocet’s. Percocet’s have been around much longer, and there are probably 20x more Percocet addicts in this country than there ever were Oxy addict’s. As I had explained in the post about the future, we are going to find out just how many there are. They are going to show up at detox and fall right into the rehab / re-trap cycle. All in an effort to stop young people from becoming addicted. As sad as it is for me to say this, I believe we took the wrong pills away from the wrong people and created what we have today, if we really want to prevent people from becoming addicted we need to take the harsh pharmaceuticals out of the mouths of our children, this is what is setting that subconscious hook of something in a pill form, these are probably the biggest ones right now, Xanax, Adderall, Ativan, Riddelin, Paxil. and any number of others and if you noticed these are the same ones given in detox, and most are that persons first love. Parents are absolutely NOT at fault, they are just going by what there Dr, is recommending, just like we have for 60 years in this country, putting blind faith in the magic pill. there is another option now and its coming on fast in this country, and i’m going to use this Analogy: If your child didn’t have toothpaste to brush his teeth, and you had two options BLEACH or BAKING SODA which one would you choose as a parent? a doctor should have this option, a parent should demand to at least have that choice. I’m going to end part 1 of this with this, 300,000 TODDLERS ON MOOD/ ALTS IN THIS COUNTRY. our long term future doesn’t get brighter either.

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