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THE FUTURE…Hmm, lets start with the immediate future. we are about to repeat history with this epidemic, its already starting and its going to start escalating pretty quickly, and we aren’t going to stop it. When we found out how addictive Oxy’s were and started pulling them from the medicine cabinets, we didn’t realize just how many people were addicted to them until everyone started to become addicted to heroin. you see the result of us taking oxy’s out of society now. As more and more people turned to heroin, the demand got so high the dealers can’t keep up leading them to stretch there supply with deadly chemicals. A couple of years ago our gov in an effort to help, restricted the amount of opiate based med’s a doctor could prescribe i believe that was necessary we had to do something. There is one big problem with that list, Percocet and Vicadin. these two drugs go hand in hand with each other and they give the person addicted a different kind of high. currently there are millions of people in this country addicted to these two medications, they never switched to Oxy’s or heroin, they’ve always maintained there habit through illegally buying them in the street or doctor shopping. both of those options are pretty much gone,and a new heroin hole is going to be created, and these people are going to fall right into it.This new addict that your going to see in the street, rehab, or cemetery is probably going to be between 45-60, professionals who make enough to support a 1000-1500 dollar a month habit, they are going to switch to heroin, there are also millions of Americans that suffer chronic pain, they can no longer get there med’s either, they are going to fall into this cycle as well because they can’t just quit anymore than a heroin addict can. I’m not sure how many experts out there understand the withdrawal process of Percocet’s but they can be just as bad if not worse than a heroin withdrawal, and that process in a 25 year old compared to a 55 year old can be potentially deadly, and they are going to withdrawal, and they are going to use heroin. Heroin dealing is no different than any other business,it relies on supply and demand the demand now is making them cut there supply just to keep up, well what do you think is going to happen when this hole opens up and all of the above mentioned start falling in, dealers are going to find anything under the sink to cut it with. last year the death toll reached 60,000 in this country next year its going to be closer to 100,000 that’s coming we aren’t going to stop it. Now whats coming in the distant future, currently there are over 300,000 TODDLERS on mood altering medications in this country toddlers 2-6 all i want to know is who in all of there expertise would sign off on the time the the 45-60 year old’s finish going through this cycle of mistreatment, that 300,000 will surpass a million, and they will already have that psychological hook set deep and on there way to becoming addicted. There is a light that is starting to shine for the proper treatment of this disease/disorder, it’s getting brighter but its still years away from where it should be. Hopefully when i get to that post I will have you convinced that i might know a little about heroin addiction. in my next post I’m gonna try to break down how this disease has affected the family dynamic, something I have more knowledge about than anything i have put on this page so far. please excuse any errors, I’m not a writer I’m a hunt and peck dinosaur.

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