Who We Are

MISSION : To inspire and empower people affected by the heroin and opioid epidemic.
VISION : To pave a path to a heroin and opioid free society while saving lives and helping the victims through community vigilance, education, treatment and recovery.
The Purpose : The Carlisle Area Anti-Heroin Coalition (CAAHC) is to aid in the riddance of the heroin epidemic in the Cumberland County area. To effectuate this mission, we are actively involved with our community leaders, Borough’s Chief of Police, the Cumberland County Commissioners, and Cumberland County Drug & Alcohol, to combat the availability of heroin and its impact on our community. We will serve as a point of contact to render aid and or facilitate detox, Life Skills, job placement and healthcare services for persons with substance use disorder and provide a pathway to recovery in order that they may rebuild their damaged lives. We are reaching out to other communities to integrate with CAAHC Community Outreach Program to affect a common goal. We are learning about and introducing new and innovative approaches to treating heroin addiction, thereby giving the addict, their families, and our community hope for a brighter future. We are taking away the demand and saving lives. Goals are both short-term and long-term. One short-term objective is to seek funding and/or sponsorship, to make drug-ridden neighborhoods safer through all means possible. We are seeking to obtain a Non-Profit Status. We cannot elaborate on the plans and ideas we have to safeguard our community in our mission statement. To do so would jeopardize their effectiveness. However, we can state that we intend to organize neighborhood watches where necessary, hold heroin awareness marches, and network with other successful coalitions with the same goals, including and most importantly Erect a Farming setting Community to encompass all levels of the rehabilitation process of not less than 6 months up to 2 years. 3R’s RECOVERY, REHABILITATION, REINSERTION.
This will directly benefiting addicts who need, but cannot afford treatment, such as Vivitrol and rehabilitation. Our ultimate vision is to provide support services to the addict and their families, and finally, be a formidable force against the heroin epidemic by taking away the demand and saving lives.
1ST Goal: CRS and CFRS Training for those interested to build a recovery army
2ND Funding and grants to facilitate a community center for recovery and families affected . Offering essential services for the public. Housing for the recovering, resources to build life skills and a overall safe meeting place (SANCTUARY). This will be called CAAHC Safe Point.
3RD Detox Facility along with full community for rehabilitation and housing to be self sustainable.